Covid-19 Support Measures

Updated: 20 April 2020

The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 210 countries and territories around the world. It has caused a crisis for the global economy and markets. With an escalating number of confirmed cases globally, the World Health Organization has declared the virus to be a global pandemic, meaning that it will have a sustained global impact.


Many countries' economies already were slowing before the pandemic, and now COVID-19 threatens to push them into a steep recession. In response to this crisis, governments and central banks worldwide have enacted sweeping and sizable fiscal and monetary stimulus measures to counteract the disruption caused by coronavirus. 


Similarly, Singapore Government had also unveiled a sizable Budget 2020 to counter the financial challenges facing many employees, businesses, self-employed professionals and households due to Covid-19.

For the benefits of many businesses and individuals, we had tried our best to compile the following measures for easy reference. Should there be any errors, we seek your kind understanding and feedback. Please note that we DO NOT represent any agencies.

Please be aware of fake news and scams during this challenging period. Report to the police if you encounter any suspicious news and information.

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