Co-V (CoWorking Village in short) is a coworking space which adopt a minimalist concept. We provide affordable working facilities to support bootstrapping entrepreneurs to build their businesses in their initial years.

We currently provide Virtual Office services, Hot Desking services and Event Space Rental for training, meetings and seminars. We aim to provide a conducive yet affordable working environment for bootstrapping entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, self-employed professionals and lean SMEs.

We work with a number of business services providers to assist businesses in many functional activities, such as Corporate Secretary, Tax and Accountancy, IT, Human Resources, Legal, Printing, Marketing, Insurance, Corporate Gifts, Employee Health Benefits etc.

We also work with many successful entrepreneurs (including Venture Capitalists) to organise networking events and learning workshops to help aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, self-employed professionals and SMEs to stay updated with the latest news and skills to navigate the challenging business environment.


Starting a new company and need help incorporating your company? Need assistance filing your annual returns? Or with accounting and taxation?

At Osome, we provide a whole suite of services online including company incorporation, accounting and tax, corporate secretary, HR and payroll, as well as visa and immigration. Our services are provided via an easy-to-use in-house developed app which enables our clients to get the required paperwork done timely and efficiently while they focus on their business. Clients can upload invoices to be processed, e-sign documents, get their annual reports submitted to regulators via our agents, and many more, via our app.


Try it today by downloading the app at: https://osome.onelink.me/xIBN/


With our corporate secretary, tax and accounting experts supporting our clients, you can be rest assured and leave company administration into our hands! 

For a special 10% discount on our most popular packages* exclusively for entrepreneurs at ForwardLeap Training Lab, key in this code upon chatting with our friendly agents on our app: LEAP4WARD10

* Discount is applicable for the stated packages: Incorporation; Incorporation and Secretary; Incorporation, Secretary and Accounting; Corporate Secretary; Super Lean; Sleeping Beauty 


Osome is a registered Filing Agent under ACRA Act with Professional Number FA20170653.  

Funding Societies is a South-East-Asia based peer-to-peer lending company, headquartered in Singapore. It was the first peer-to-peer lender in Singapore to engage an escrow agency to independently and safely manage investors’ funds. They support SME owners in starting or growing their businesses by providing access to funding from individual as well as institutional investors.

GetDocPlus is a partnership with over 100 medical providers in Singapore, including doctors, dentists, TCMs and other allied health practitioners  to offer professional services at special affordable rates to its members. The highly affordable S$1/month subscription for each  member is designed to benefit staff in SMEs and the self-employed in mind, highly relevant in today’s gig economy.


With GetDocPlus, SMEs now have a health benefit solution for their staff   to receive the care they need at more  favourable costs, making healthcare even more accessible across the country. This is not an insurance plan but a plan helps SME staff and their families get GP and Dental care at pre-negotiated rates.

For more details and to enrol, please visit GetDocPlus and use our 20% discount code LFDM2018 to sign up for you and your family. 


Kodecoon was founded on the mission to expose children to the world of computer programming and through that, empower them with logical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills. In today’s digital world, programming language is the new literacy. Rather than showing your children how a computer works, we will teach them how to make a computer work for them. 

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If you would like to be our exclusive business partner, please write to us at Partners@ForwardLeapTrainingLab.com