There are many incubation and acceleration training programs for entrepreneurs and startups. However, most of them may be too pricey for bootstrapping entrepreneurs and startups. Moreover, these programs will take many weeks (or even months) to complete the full course. Time is every entrepreneur’s most valuable resource. Thus ForwardLeap Training Lab aims to provide short-term, focused training workshops to quickly resolve some pressing concerns of startups and have them moving and learning on-the-go.

We strongly believed that through entrepreneurship, we are Driving Changes and Impacting Lives. In order to support the startup community with the environment they need to launch, fund and grow their businesses, ForwardLeap Training Lab works closely with many diverse like-minded entrepreneurs and leverage each other’s experience and networks to provide:
1) affordable, focused bite-sized "quick-fix" training workshops, 
2) market-timeliness educational seminars, 
3) meaningful networking forums, and 
4) mentorship
to add value to the startups community.​

We help startups and SMEs to scale into ASEAN.

To be the preferred entrepreneurship training company in ASEAN.


Contribution - Contribute to the society with our expertise.
Continuous Learning - Keep on learning everyday.

Confidence - Build confidence on what we do.

Competence - Develop competency in our skill sets.

Credibility - Maintain credibility in our characters.
Connections - Establish meaningful relationships.
Collaboration - Together we achieve more.
Compassion - Help whenever we can.
Compliance - Be mindful of regulations.
Commitment - Always have an end in mind.